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More Scab Than Skin.
We're just badly drawn versions of ourselves.
My mom came over to my apartment the other day.

She was in the city for job-related stuff, by which I mean my mother may once again secure a job on my island and move back, well, home.

So anyway, my mom came over to my apartment for the first time ever -- not so grand a statement given that I've only lived here about a month -- and she gave it her seal of approval.

A better situation than my previous one, see. A good place to be.

My mom also approved of my recently framed Optimus Prime erotica. My mom thinks I'm classy.
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If you're wondering what Google's April Fool's joke is this year, it's .
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Does someone you know need to be rickrolled?

Send them a rickroll singing telegram.

I promise that link is not a rickroll itself.
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I'm in Austin for SXSW (and have been since Friday), so I'm a little incommunicado.
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Originally uploaded by valleywagprime
With some more of Team Fleshbot.
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Come up with a, um, awesome title for a bi porno, and win... a bi porno!
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Lux: that zig zag thing
Lux: it's for minicooper
Lux: now it says zig zag zug
Dash: ahhhh
Lux: yeah
Lux: why couldn't it be for a rocket ship?
Lux: a free rocket ship?
Lux: all ads for things that aren't free rocket ships are a suck


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Driving makes you unhealthy, fat.
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I did my very first porno movie review on Fleshbot.

Even I was shocked by how much I liked this movie.
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I'm selling my derby posters.

I need cash and space more than I need derby memorabilia.

I'm not really a nostalgic person, anyway.
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